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God forbid that Anna Murphy (Fashion Editor at The Times) thinks I am stalking her but we are clearly thinking along the same lines.

Today she writes about one of our favourite brands, Pink City Prints, making 'smocking cool again' and there we were putting this fine collection in the window.

The 'Amour' has won our 'dress of the season' award, it has cross-stitch details and heart shaped pockets, enough said. The 'Abigail', 'Athens' and 'Isabel' all have the smocking that Anna M (my kindred spirit) writes about and she is right, it is absolutely wearable for anyone, especially those over the age of 7.

I also have to tell you about 'Les Mauricettes', the 'rehabilitation' of a summer slipper that designer Amandine (oh to have that name) remembers from her childhood in the South of France. The lady, Mauricette, that looked after her wore them and they made a very pleasing noise on the tiled kitchen floor (anyone else vividly there in the South of France...?). Super light, super comfortable, super want some.

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