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I have wanted to introduce some 'greenery' to the store for some time and have finally found Green Factory.

A team of 'terrarium-makers' have been working from a Parisian atelier (what a job!) since 2014 and have quite the coolest green things I have ever seen.

Hand blown glass domes, engraved with a 'Green Factory' tattoo for authenticity, are filled with plants sourced from Europe and a perfect ecosystem created. For a quick science re-cap it is thanks to photosynthesis that they require almost no maintenance, welcome to the wonderful world of terrariums.

Remarkably, getting them from Paris to us went quite smoothly and whilst we know a thing or two about sending out clothes I am not so confident with these, so it's in-store shopping only for now.

Merchandised with Loggique this week I was reminded that I need to top up my own supplies, just wondering if you do too. On the subject of being green this is a local, fully recyclable brand for which we have the refill pouches in stock too.

P.S. A terrarium will last longer than a bunch of flowers (just in case my kids are reading this ahead of Mother's Day)

How do I care for a terrarium?

Terrariums need light to live but not so much that it burns them. Place your terrarium where it will receive about eight hours light a day but not in direct sunlight or on a windowsill.

Condensation is essential to the eco-system but if it gets too hot, has steam or excessive condensation, lifting the lid for a couple of hours will correct this little world but do not wipe away condensation.

Water once or twice a year on average, depending on the humidity level of the moss and the soil. Touch the soil once or twice a month, water if the soil is dry, spraying at the roots.

Prune the tree lightly when its leaves are pressed against the glass walls.

Do not expose the tree to direct sunlight, if you rely on artificial light white is better than yellow.

Final note, turn your terrarium regularly.

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