How To Care For Cashmere

Winter has well and truly arrived, and as the temperature drops there is only one thing for it…Cashmere!

The quintessential of luxury, this super soft fabric is an essential in many wardrobes. Despite this, caring for your cashmere can seem both a little daunting and time consuming. Due to the fine properties of the fabric, cashmere is prone to pilling and worse still, is much loved by hungry moth larvae! But fear not, with a good care routine you will be able to get the best out of your woollies and see them serving you year after year.


  • Fed up of hand-washing your knitwear? Set your machine to the hand wash cycle or pop your cashmere in a pillowcase, button it up and set it on a cold wash.
  • If you do opt for hand – washing, fill a clean basin with lukewarm water and cashmere shampoo, leave to soak for at least 1/2 an hour. Rinse well, until all soapy water has gone
  • Once cleaned, lay the garment out to dry on a flat towel to ensure that it wont loose its shape.
  • Allow to air dry naturally and keep away from direct heat including radiators and sunlight.
  • Once dry, any creases can be ironed out by turning the garment inside out and ironing on the lowest setting with a damp cloth between the cashmere and iron.
  • Pilling can be a very common problem with cashmere. It occurs when areas of the garment are rubbed together during wear. To keep bobbles at bay, keep a knitwear comb to hand. Lay cashmere flat and gently pass the comb over the material, bobbles will be picked up and you will be left with a good as new knit!
  • Store cashmere folded in a zip – lock bag. This will not only ensure that it cannot be attacked by moths, who do love eating cashmere, but hanging cashmere on hangers will stretch the wool and leave you with nasty marks!

So there you have it, our top tips for keeping cashmere looking its best this season. Want to add to your cashmere collection? Look no further than at our carefully curated collection of knitwear! Or take a look below for some of our favourite cashmere picks this season.

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