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One of the questions I get asked most is 'what is your best selling brand?'

Finally I have an answer, caveated of course (my husband says I have a future career in politics...) by how you define 'best selling' - is it number of units, number of orders, value of orders, gross profit - you get where I am going...

Whichever way you cut it there is a very strong performer and it is Black Colour. A Danish brand that has been one of the best companies to work with through these turbulent times and constantly delivers great product that seems to be on-trend and accessible to all.

The layering of (washable) dresses with easy knits and bonkers leggings may individually seem mad but throw them all together and suddenly we are feeling 'relevant', best of the mash up options highlighted below (you can also add a hairband to match/ contrast/ conflict as you choose)

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