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Do you ever look in your wardrobe and see multiple pairs of jeans but feel none of them are really 'that pair'. Don't worry, we hear you. This is why we are stocking customer favourite and all round premium denim brand DL1961.

DL1961 is a family-owned brand, creating premium denim with sustainability at their core since 2008. Overseeing the entire process from fibre to finished garment, they pride themselves on their leading fabric and sustainability technologies. This means you can not only look great, but you are doing your bit for the planet too.

Florence Skinny Jeans in Light Denim

Riley Boyfriend Jeans in Light Glacier Distressed

Bridget Bootcut Jeans in Airway

Sustainability within the brand:

DL1961 take your old jeans and plastic bottles and turnthem into your favourite high-performance denim. They begin the process by shredding old denim and post-consumer waste into smaller and smaller pieces, then weave those into new yarn with eco-friendly fibres and high-performance stretch.

While the average jean is produced using 1,500 gallons of water between washing and finishing techniques used to create the fabric’s signature look and feel, DL1961 has perfected a process that uses less than 10 gallons per pair. This means we can buy more than just the one pair... right?

Shop our full collection of DL1961 here

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