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#brandblending is a project we were working on before lockdown became our new way of life and it is very much the brainchild of my wonderful wingwoman Morgan. Whilst she is 'furloughed' and 'locked down' for now I have taken her notes, literally, and will share them with you weekly as an additional email to our 'Lockdown Lowdown', enjoy.

"So 'in in' is the new 'out out' and we've all got a little more time on our hands. If like us you're chartering these unknown waters with lists, endless lists, and 'sort wardrobe out' is on one of them, then perhaps we can help.We've put together some rails of what we like to call 'brand blended' looks to share over the coming weeks. All new season gorgeousness but taken from different labels and price points. We've mixed colours, textures and moods but all the pieces come together to make a whole.Think of it as shopping your own wardrobe, perhaps the rail may remind you of a little treasure that you haven't worn for a while or it may tempt you to treat yourself with an 'updated' piece that will bring together several new looks. Either way this may inspire you to dig around in the wardrobe even if, like us, you are not quite ready for the full overhaul and the recycling centres are all closed anyway. Have a bit of fun, it's not called 'retail therapy' for nothing."

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