The Autumn Switch

I talk about the ‘day’ each season when the fashion switch flicks. 

I know it is still hot, hot, hot (sometimes wet, wet, wet) but I have this week wanted to wear ‘something different’. I have skimmed past the dresses I have relied on over recent weeks and turned to trousers and a shirt, worn still with a sandal. But what I really, reaIly need (silly word… want) is a skirt that I can wear with said shirt or t-shirt. 

I think it is going to have to be the ‘Tulle with Flower Belt’ from Meisie, the question simply remains is it the Nut or Khaki colourway. 

So that’s my dilemna tonight. I leave you with my edit from this brilliant Spanish brand that is romantic, affordable, boho and rather wearable for one and all.

It’s our second season but it flew out so fast last season that I don’t believe I shared it with you, apologies.

P.S. Nut or khaki, nut or khaki…..

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