Brand Alert – New Season Dea Kudibal Has Arrived

For the Dea Kudibal Fans

Not remotely weather appropriate, but new season Dea Kudibal is in the building and we are going to attempt to shoot some pieces on the beach tomorrow, do wish us luck… 

Over the last few years we have become devotees of this Danish designer, a graduate of London College of Fashion, back in her home town of Copenhagen and designing collections that seem to work for us all. 

We have worn her pieces for events, to the beach and been stopped in the street to ask what we are wearing (trust me that doesn’t happen often these days…) 

So if you are a Kamille or Rosanna fan, these styles are back along with some new names, Henriette and Manon will almost certainly be in my wardrobe this season and Olga is a statement dress, thinking the races or a wedding. 

Final comment – the cotton of the My and Delia dress is almost slippery and satin like, quite the best I have seen for some time.

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