Do Your Shoes Fit?

Do Your Shoes Fit? 

There seems to be a lot of talk in our house this week about whether the astroturf, school shoe, rugby boot, football boot or general trainers (the list goes on…) still fit ahead of the great return to school (oh how I LOVE September).

It’s rather made me want some new footwear for myself and for anyone over school age the answer to my question above is probably yes your shoes do still fit but perhaps we would rather like some new ones.

So for the first boot edit of the season we welcome new brand Woden with the ‘Magda’ waterproof wonder along with the return of long term favourite ‘Agda’ (rather confusingly similar in name but not waterproof) from sister brand Shoe The Bear in superb new colourways. 

However the best news comes from Falke with the launch of the new Cosy Wool Boot Sock (the clue is in the name), it is longer in the ribbed part and perfect for wearing with new boots

I reiterate, I LOVE September 

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