New Season – Get In Quick

I write almost knowing someone will read this and shout at the screen ‘why, oh why, oh why….’, so here goes;

The Autumn Winter collections have started to arrive.

I know, it makes little sense but without debating the why’s and wherefore’s suffice to say they are rather good. 

Our window is all Weekend MaxMara, lots of orange, green, pink and blue, key pieces below but I also have to mention 3 pieces from ‘S MaxMara. The Adesso sweatshirt (it’s a long zip through scuba hoodie, not really a sweatshirt, lost in Italian translation I think), the Niagara leggings (taking leggings to another level) and the Greengi sleeveless gilet (light as a feather, warm as a duvet). Each of these, worn together or separately are just brilliant and won’t be around for long (and definitely not by the time Autumn actually arrives).

New Season Mulberry also arrived in store this week. 

A notable collection celebrating 50 years of Mulberry (feeling rather old as we have been selling them for almost 20 of those years…).

The colour palette is the best for a long time and the new East West Amberley in gold crushed metallic leather keeps winking at me (subtle it ain’t but perfect for going ‘out out’).

Not available online so here’s a peek of how they look (do pop in).

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