A Week of Smiling Eyes…

A Week of Smiling Eyes

Things we have learnt this week: you all have very smiley eyes, we are not ‘shop fit’ (…yet!) and everyone needs new clothes (including me).

Finding words to describe the pure joy of old school shop keeping seems to be beyond me this morning. Suffice to say I have slept like a baby this week (albeit with dreams of running out of stock, we clearly won’t let that happen) and we are beginning to find the muscle memory associated with being on our feet all day.  

I wanted to report sensibly on what it is you have been asking for but that would entail listing everything we have from socks to skincare, via dresses for weddings and everything in between, we all need (or want) a treat it seems. However, as our window highlights there is a trend for wider jeans, a pretty top, a layer and some new footwear (post pedicure).

We also had a delivery this week of Campomaggi bags from Italy… they just get better and better and I actually do need one.

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