Time To Look After Ourselves

Cutting to the chase…..

Whether we are juggling home schooling, working from home, missing family, missing friends or missing whatever we can remember of normal life I feel we are in need of digging deep right now. 

The world appears to have fallen off kilter and whilst it sorts itself out we need to hunker down (my 12 year told me yesterday ‘nobody says hunker down… duh’, I kinda need support to tell him some of us do). So this week is short and sweet and nothing to do with Sale items but rather just some stuff to indulge, treat and frankly ‘hunker down’ in. 

We have worked our magic and convinced the alchemist that is Pauline at Loggique to open her laboratory early for us with a delivery of new stock on Monday which will be online (I am hoping) on Monday afternoon for much needed handwashes, moisturisers, candles, diffusers etc, we will be the only place to get this stock anywhere, we have a waiting list but there is plenty coming so a date for your (empty) diaries one and all.

Claire or I are at the store Monday to Friday mornings, usually between 9am and 10am, if you have items you wish to exchange or credit please email us online@collenandclare.com and we will do our best to arrange a time to exchange or return but please could I ask you to get these sorted asap, tough weeks ahead.

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