Conscious Christmas Shopping

With great joy we open our doors tomorrow morning at 10am.

We are prepped and ready (well, we will be by tomorrow morning, hoping the elves come overnight to clean up the chaos we created today unpacking new goodies).

But before tomorrow we are taking a moment to reflect and consider. This year feels more than ever to be a ‘Conscious Christmas’, one requiring and demanding more thought and consideration, not just about who we will see and how we will celebrate but also about the gifts we give. 

We have always been about ‘the story behind the product’ and when looking for the positives from this year it feels as though the world has awoken to the need to be more conscious of what we buy and where it is from, so with great pleasure we have chosen 10 brands below that make great Conscious Christmas gifts. 

We hope to see you soon.

Art for Cure is a charity raising funds for breast cancer by making original art accessible. All proceeds go to supporting this great cause.

An ethical jewellery brand based in Essex, every pair purchased supports a child in poverty in some of the toughest places in the world. 

For 15 years Veja have been doing sneakers differently and in recent years have managed to combine ethics with being a must have brand, true heroes.

Stripe & Stare plant a tree for every order we place, they also tell us to put our knickers in the compost bin when we are done with them, they start life as a tree and end that way too, wonderful.
Don’t tell anyone but this is our favourite brand and for these reasons; made in Suffolk, organic ingredients, more than 95% plastic free, no petrochemicals and refillable – genius

Part of the slow fashion movement from the the start, with sustainable British production and 100% natural and biodegrable materials, including the packaging. Proving that ‘small is beautiful’ and cool.

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