Our ‘Ask The Expert’ Series Continues with Gallivant Founder, Nick

For the next in our ‘Ask the Expert’ series we turned to ‘Best Niche Fragrance’ winner of the year 2020, Nick Steward Founder and Creator of Gallivant perfumes.

We have been selling Gallivant fragrances for some time now and love the story behind each one, the passion and professionalism that defines Nick and his approach to what is effectively a dark and mysterious industry.

The question we wanted to ask Nick is;

‘Whilst our travel options are limited, what fragrances best inspire the destinations we wish we were visiting?’

His response;

With our freedom of movement curtailed, perfume is a great way to relive that sense of escapism.It can conjure up happy memories of past journeys and adventures, or inspire daydreaming and wanderlust.That’s certainly always been the intention with my collection of unisex perfumes, handmade here in England, but inspired by places I love around the world: to bring you joys of armchair travel!

‘This summer I’ve been wearing our pure perfume roll-ons. As fragrance evaporates more quickly in high temperatures and humidity, these are a great alternative – and sit very nicely on the skin; they hydrate as well as perfume – and if you like more volume with your scent, can be layered together with the Eau de Parfum. Istanbul is a much-loved perfume – perfectly  balanced between fresher aromatic notes and comforting balms and resins. ‘

The perfume I’ve worn most this summer. Inspired by the colours of southern California, this is a neon floral perfume, with tuberoses from Mexico, and a narcissus flower grown especially for us in central France. Imagine yourself somewhere hot, and glamorous, a cocktail in hand, and a cooling breeze from the Pacific. This is definitely a feel-good fragrance – and winner of “Best Niche Fragrance of 2020” at a global beauty awards.

Our Berlin perfume is inspired by the nature and lakes on the edge of the German capital. Fresh zesty notes are married with elegant green and woody notes – and the famously smoky vetiver (a grass grown on Haiti.) Perfect for the transition from summer into autumn …

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