New Brand Alert – Gallivant

We are very excited to be one of the very few UK stockists who supply Gallivant – an indie perfume from London. With the ethos ‘less is more’ it’s believed that a quality perfume can speak for itself, it doesn’t need to be loud and flashy.

Expressing the pleasures of urban exploration, sights, sounds and smells. This unisex perfume takes its inspiration from the most creative destinations. The freedom to wander and travel.

The fragrances are not only about capturing the experience of travel but about making life easier – This is why we cannot live without the travel-friendly 30ml nomad sized bottle, perfect for slipping into your bag or hand luggage and jetting off.

Working with three of the most original and interesting perfumers in the fragrance business, Gallivant brings scents to life whilst being handmade in Britain. With a number of locations to choose from, we can’t help but love ‘London’ a city we can call our own. Just in one bottle it brings rain, shine, touch of grit and a dash of glam. It’s a floral leather fragrance with a watery green head, of cucumber and violet leaves.

Gallivant’s roll-on perfume oil is a great way to wear your favourite fragrance. Designed to be worn alone or layered with the Eau de Parfum, it can be applied to your body’s pulse points. Or feel free to use in your hair.

With fragrances based around London, Tokyo, Istanbul, Los Angeles, Brooklyn and Berlin, the only difficult question you need to ask yourself is where will you be jetting to next?

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