How To Care For Swimwear

So you have found the perfect swimsuit for your holiday, but how do you keep it looking new for seasons to come? Often swimsuits can quickly tire and breakdown as the result of chemicals such as chlorine, sunscreen and deodorant. However, by taking time to follow these simple steps you can easily prolong the life of your swimwear.


  • Once you have finished swimming or sunbathing, hand wash your swimsuit in luke warm water with a mild soap to ensure that all traces of chlorine and salt, which will slowly degrade your swimwear are removed.
  • If possible, always opt for a hand wash rather than machine wash to prevent your swimsuit from “bobbling” and thread wear.
  • Once washed, allow your swimsuit to dry naturally away from any heat source or direct sunlight, which can cause the swimsuit’s colour to fade and elastic to break down.

Further precautions to take: 

  • Always use the wet compartment of your bag to store your swimsuit rather than wrapping it in a towel which will only soak in the chemicals.
  • When wearing your swimsuit, avoid rough surfaces such as the edge of the pool which can cause ripping and tearing.
  • Be aware that the combination of chemicals and heat in hot tubs can cause extensive damage to your suit. Ensure to rinse your suit straight after use to minimise the degrading effect.
  • Be careful not to wear light coloured clothing over wet swimwear. Some shades may bleed or transfer when wet.
  • Fake tanning products will mark and damage swimwear. Take extra care when using these products and always ensure they are completely dry before they come in contact with your swimwear.
  • Some sunscreen lotions and tanning oils may mark or damage swimwear.

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